The business was established by Torill and Brede Johbraaten in 1990. Then they knew camping was a good idea based on their experiences with refurbishing Stabburet at the farm 6 years earlier. One house for rent and a sign by the road was the beginning, and a lot of people showed up and wanted to rent accommodation. Since the 80`s and 90`s a lot has happened to the demography, way of living, the earth and how we spend our time. That also reflects how we use or vacations and free time in general. Therefore we saw the need of extension with new facilities and more modern locations, and are happy to wish you welcome to Låven (the barn). Also here the history is important. The barn is over 100 years old, and in well shape. We buildt new on each long side and took care of the old building in the middle. The process took time, but we are very happy with the result, and are ready to welcome you to our new reception, minimarket, restaurant, 11 rooms with private bathroom and facilities for meetings and celebrations.  

During the last 10 years the business has developed to be a family business, and their daughters are also a part of it, Anita is a CEO and Helene is service coordinator and at the kitchen.   



The business has a big focus on environment and sustainability, and is certificated as a eco light house (in Norwegian: Miljøfyrtårn). In the daily life of camping it means sort waste, do not use more than you need of electricity and water and use your legs or bicycle instead of your car. A level higher in the business we search for trades, companies etc. that are certificated and can document their work for environment and sustainability. In addition to that we focus on just to buy what we need and use as long as we can local providers, which means for example local staff (youth searching for their first job), local handcraft during the building process and local providers for food and drinks. As a “helper” while cleaning cabins etc. we have an electric vehicle for taking care of our staff.  



Utvika Camping is located at the east side of the lake Tyrifjorden, 35 minutes from Oslo. 

Driving directions to/ from Utvika Camping (GPS: 60.02959, 10.26292): 

Cities close by 

Oslo 40 km  

Sandvika 25 km  

Hønefoss 19 km 

Drammen 40 km 



Oslo Airport Gardermoen 88 km (via Jevnaker) 

Sandefjord Airport Torp 120 km 


Public transport 

Bus: Bus 200 Hønefoss – Oslo. Click here for timetable. The bus does not go by the “old” road anymore, so from Utvika you have to drive to Sundvollen or Sollihøgda to catch the bus. On some of the departures you have taxi for bus included in the ticket. If you stay three nights or more at our camping we drive you to the bus for free. Please send an email for more information; post@utvika.no. 

Metro: From Kolsås, 20 minutes from Utvika, you can go by metro to Oslo several times per hour. Free parking. 

Train: Closest train stations are Hønefoss (for train to Bergen), and Sandvika (for airport train and directions Trondheim).