We have four boats for rent, two 14 feet very steady family boats with 10 hp and 15 hp engine,  and two 12 feet suitable for three adults, both with 9,9 hp engine. The boats are rented out for minimum a half day (from 08:45 or from 15:00). 

Three canoe for rent, either for hours or half a day. Suitable for two adults, or one adult and two children. 

In Tyrifjorden you can catch pike and trout up to 14 kg, whitefish, perch, char and crayfish. (Crayfish justfor a short period in August). Steinsfjorden, a part of Tyrifjorden, just 15 minutes by boat from Utvika is aneldorado for pike fishing. In the beginning of June there is a pike fishing festival in Steinsfjorden. No need for fishing license in the lake.