With us you can have the food ready served or prepare your own food. In the spring of 2019 we will open new and modern in the barn with expanded capacity in relation to what we have today, both in terms of availability and size. We continue with what is today; summer cafe and outdoor dining, but adds some opportunities to serve on special occasions for much of the year. New and modern catering kitchen means that the a la carte menu can vary to a greater extent and the selection becomes a bit wider. In addition to a la carte, we keep the pizza menu.

Closed companies, meetings and other events for 4 to 60 people can also be arranged in the barn. We customize the events the way you want it, so get in touch and tell us about your idea, and we will find the solution together. The whole building is universally designed and facilitated for everyone. More information and photos will be available in January.

For those who want to cook their own food it is not a long way to the nearest shop. Spar Sundvollen 5 km, Rema 1000 and Kiwi at Vik 8 km. There are also shops with local specialties, including Lille Handleri at Helgelandsmoen, 17 km and Vik flowers and gifts, 8 km.

In the surrounding area there are many farms, and several of them have farm outlets including corn, eggs, strawberries, potatoes, fruit and berries. In addition, Tyrifjorden is our closest neighbor and can offer both fish and crayfish.